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Keith Falko September 27, 2023
" I had a prescription that was hard to find and Bechtel’s had it. They contacted my physician to insure it was the right one, contacted me to let me know. You don’t get that kind of service at those big box pharmacies. Mr. Bechtel was very polite and I was happy about their follow up. It was my first time going to Bechtel's, but you can bet I’ll be going there from now on."
Billy Dorward April 11, 2023
"Best place for all your prescriptions The staff is always willing to help you out and are always so friendly 😊 I don't mind driving 20 miles for my meds because they always have meds ready on time"
Noelle Boka August 2, 2022
"The staff is very nice but lately they've been closed way before their time says online. I'm not sure if they're closing or losing business but aside from that I like it there. I just wish they had better hours and were actually open full shifts every day they say they are."
Michael Minnich July 2, 2022
"I should have switched to Bechtel's Pharmacy years ago! There is nothing like the care of a local business and people who are willing to answer your questions with patience, provide guidance and explanation, and, all-in-all, treat you like a human being."